Tuesday, January 31, 2012

American Anthropological Association joins the dark side of the force

Check out Daniel Lende's post on Neuroanthopology, "American Anthropological Association takes public stand against open access." This concerns an open letter submitted by AAA Executive Director William Davis to the White House call for public comment on public access to scholarly publications. Wow, it looks like the AAA has lined up with the commercial publishers, not with scholars and researchers.

Do you recall the cartoon I published on open access a few weeks ago? Well, the AAA has now joined with commercial publishers as the tail wagging the research dog.

This development makes me glad that I resigned from the American Anthropological Association last year. It is one thing to complain about a professional association that is inefficient or clueless or off-base about some things. But the situation is really bad when the leadership goes over to the dark side of the force, making scholars ashamed of being anthropologists.


Dimitri said...

The AIA (Archaeological Institute of America) took the same side as the AAA, unfortunately. Here's the link: http://t.co/YncPZ3ty

Ryan Anderson said...

The dark side of the force is right. Any ideas for what we can do about this? I definitely understand why you're not a member of the AAA anymore, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

What is meant by a 5 year embargo? Anthro News seems to be on line here:


Michael E. Smith said...

The AAA used to have a 5-year embargo in which the AAA Newsletter was not available until 5 years after its publication date. Now they have put some version of the newsletter online (this is not the pdf version of the newsletter, it seems to be something different). I have no idea who has access to this, or how it works, partly becuase I am no longer a AAA member.

Anastasia said...

Really enjoying your posts!

Indeed, the AIA (Archaeological Institute of America)is in trouble too:

"Open Access Archaeology Response to AIA's Stance on Open Access:

Dear Fellow Archaeologists and Archaeology Enthusiasts

It is with great sadness that we must inform you that OpenAccessArchaeology.org will be removing all links to the Archaeological Institute of America's Open Access materials and will cease actively promoting their resources.

This is in protest to the AIA's recent poor choice in coming out against Open Access - http://www.archaeology.org/1205/departments/president.html.