Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Open Access video

I missed Open Access Week last week, but here is a great video on OA from Jorge Cham (of PhD comix (Piled Higher and Deeper). It is a bit limited in its conception, ignoring important distinctions such as Green OA vs. Gold OA (it is only about the latter). But as a rationale for OA for scientists and scholars, it is great:

OA video, click here.

I love these illustrated/animated lectures. My favorite is David Harvey's lecture on Crises of Capitalism, part of the British series "RSA Animate"). Okay, now who is going to do the artwork for one of my lectures?


Jason Ur said...

Literally the LAST sentence of the video describes the Green model (but does not call it by that name).

Michael E. Smith said...

Yeah, I noticed that.