Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Publications of George Cowgill

George Cowgill, Emeritus Professor at ASU, has just set up a website with pdfs of many of his publications. There are many important papers here, on Teotihuacan, on ancient urbanism worldwide, on archaeological theory, quantitative methods, and population issues. George was my professor for my BA at Brandeis University in the 1970s. I don't think its an accident that many of my own interests in urbanism, central Mexico, and comparative complex societies parallel his research themes.

Take a look, and read some papers. And if you don't yet have a site like this with your publications, what are you waiting for?


Evan said...

I love stuff like this! I wish every professor (or even grad students with publications) would do this.

Do you happen to know any other colleagues with sites like these? I'd like to start making my own personal list of these sites in case I need a hard to find paper in the future.

Sarah said...

When I try to open those files on Cowgill's site I'm asked to log in with an ASU id, which I no longer have. I was a grad student at ASU several years ago, but never finished my degree.

Michael E. Smith said...

Sarah- I wasn't aware of that limitation! I just emailed George about it, and hopefully he can fix the permissions so that everyone can gain access.

Evan - I don't know of any central listing of such sites. In my department, Michael Barton, me, and a few others have our papers on personal websites (which are listed from the faculty webpages on the SHESC website:


Try Academia.edu, where more and more people are joining and posting papers.

Actually, the best thing to do is to search the title of the paper on Google Scholar. It will usually provide various copies of the paper, including the publishers site and any personal or repository postings.

Tariacuri said...

This is highly useful!!