Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nova Science Publishers

This blog doesn't get a lot of comments, except for my post from May 15, 2009, called "Nova Publshers - Legitimate of Bogus?" This post has 43 comments !!! It seems that people from many disciplines want to say something about this press. These are mostly negative comments, although some are positive and supportive of the press. I also did a secondary post with a couple of links on Nova Publishers.  So instead of saying anything new today, I'm going to point readers to that discussion; the comments are interesting and informative.


ArchAsa said...

Just to let you know - I rarely comment but always read. And think. :)

Jason Baird Jackson said...

Hi Michael, Last week every folklore graduate student in my department got an email from LAP (Lambert Academic Publishing) seeking to publish their theses, dissertations, or other academic themed stacks of paper greater than 40 pages. This was a great learning opportunity for all of us.

There are quite a diversity of business models in this sector. Most of the discussion has been focusing on predatory open access, but that is just a piece of the larger puzzle. There is obviously money to be made by making thousands of as-found book length works available and then selling a handful of each at a steep price. Print on demand and Amazon as distribution system opens up many possibilities, some good, some not so good.--Jason