Monday, March 8, 2010

Tips to reach a wider (nonspecialist) audience

There has been a bunch of writing around the web, on anthropology blogs, about how to reach a broader readership. Now Daniel Lende, at Neuroanthropology, has synthesized the diverse accounts in his post, On Reaching a Broader Public: Five Ideas for Anthropologists.

He starts out:

How can anthropologists reach a wider audience? Good debate on that question has sprung up in recent weeks at Savage Minds, Culture Matters, and Ethnografix. We’ve also written about this question here. Now it’s time for a synthesis.

Five Ideas for Reaching a Wider Audience

-Write about something specific
-Make our work relevant to readers
-Build appeal
-Move beyond critique
-Provide alternatives and how-to ideas

These are good pointers for archaeologists too. Check it out.

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Michael E. Smith said...

Just got this email:


My name is Kitty from ( We wanted to let you know that we featured your blog in one of our recent articles on our own blog. (100 Best Blogs for Anthropology Students), is linked below and could be a fun way to share this announcement with your readers.

( )

Thanks again for your time, and keep up the good work!

Kitty Holman

The list leaves off some of the most interesting blogs (Ancient world Bloggers Group; Archaeopop), and it looks like it was compiled quickly by someone without much knowledge of anthropology. But it may be useful for some.