Friday, February 10, 2012

A parable about open access to scholarly publications

Check out the nice piece in The Guardian today,
"The parable of the farmers and the teleporting duplicator" by Mike Taylor in The Guardian, Feb 10, 2012.


Michael E. Smith said...

Here is a comment on the Guardian parable by Paul Uhlir, a scientific information specialist at the National Academy of Science:

"Not bad, except in economic terms, food is a private good (it is rivalrous and can be excluded, and can only be consumed only once), whereas publicly-funded research results (articles, data) on digital networks are public goods (they are non-rival and difficult or inefficient to exclude, since the value increases with use). So the situation is actually much worse than the analogy leads one to conclude."

This comment is from the Global Open Access List:

Michael Hill said...

What are your opinions on The Research Works act, which has drawn the ire of the online open access community over the past few months?


Michael E. Smith said...

See my post from Jan 8 about this: