Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Headline: Scholar Holds Out Against Creeping Commercialization

News Flash: The owner of the web log, "Publishing Archaeology" stated today that he turned down a lucrative offer ($100) to commercialize his blog with third-party advertising. Dr. Michael Smith noted that he agonized over the attractive offer for about five seconds. "It was a tough decision," the archaeologist told our reporter, "I could have used those funds to pay for one-tenth of the author fee of an author-pay open access journal article. Now I will have to continue publishing in old-fashioned scholarly journals."

With this ground-breaking decision, Smith has countered the forces of commercialization that are infecting every aspect of life on the planet today. Whether it be billboards in public spaces, vending machines in the schools, advertising in the internet, the tide has now turned. Scholarship, freedom, local expression and cultural authenticity will now reign supreme as the forces of neoliberalism come to a grinding halt.

Well, maybe not.

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