Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Open Access Week

This week is Open Access Week. Please check out the main website for the event, and check some of my past posts on Open Access under the heading "Labels" on the right.

Probably the most important thing individuals can do right now is to self-archive their papers (so-called green open access); see my posts on Self-Archiving. This makes your papers more available, and doesn't require massive changes in institutional funding or organization. When your papers are more available, more people will see them, read them, and cite them. This helps those people do research, it is good for the discipline, and it improves your visibility and impact.


Jason Ur said...

In this vein, I recently discovered Antiquity's enlightened institutional archiving policy. I'm shifting my refereeing energies away from Springer etc. and toward Antiquity, and will be more inclined to send manuscripts of my own there.

Andrew Clark said...

Considering the Open Access Week theme I thought I would pass this along.

Forwarded from ACRA-L:

The New York State Museum is happy to announce the launch of its new peer-reviewed, open-access publication series, New York State Museum Record. Volume 1: "Preserving Tradition and Understanding the Past: Papers from the Conference on Iroquois Research, 2001-2005," edited by Christine Sternberg Patrick, contains 7 chapters that highlight the range of research presented at the annual Iroquois Research conference. The series can be accessed at: http://www.nysm.nysed.gov/publications/record/