Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blogged out

Wow, Publishing Archaeology placed number 33 in the list of "50 Best blogs for archaeology students." What a great finish, something to feel proud of. Or maybe I should be depressed. They do list a bunch of nice blogs, but they leave out the one I have been projecting before class as we get set up: Archaeopop (I put on the music videos filmed at major sites).

Right now, though, this "inspirational" poster on blogging may be more in line with my attitude (thanks to my daughter Heather for pointing out the Demotivators site with many such inspirational posters. My favorite is this one, a materialist manifesto if I ever saw one:

My students prefer the Sacrifice poster, though (check it out at Demotivators).

Time to do some work, enough of this nonsense.


Paul Wren said...

Two items:

1. The link to Archeopop is incorrect; and

2. Why is the Radiology Technician Schools Blog website recognizing the "50 Best Blogs for Archaeology Students?"

Michael E. Smith said...

(1) I fixed the link.

(2) If you read the first paragraph of that page ("50 best blogs..."), you will see that it is sufficiently strange to be associated with something like Radiology Technician Schools.