Monday, February 1, 2010

Archaeology journal ranking again

Gary Feinman asked me about how the Journal ranking I showed (by H-index) related to journal age. Obviously the longer a journal is in existence, the greater the number of its articles that will be cited, and the more times they will be cited. So I added an "age" column to the table, and plotted the data. It is clear that age is a major determinant of h-index for these journals (and this is probably one reason why H-index is not the best measure of journal impact).

Journal H-index Age

American Antiquity 76 75
Radiocarbon 66 52
Jr. Archaeological Science 65 37
World Archaeology 50 42
Antiquity 47 84
Jr. Anthropological Arch 43 29
Journal of Field Arch. 34 35
Jr. World Prehistory 34 23
American Jr. Archaeology 31 114
Cambridge Archaeolog. Jr. 27 20
Jr. Arch Method & Theory 26 17
Latin American Antiquity 26 21
Jr. Archaeological Research 23 18
Geoarchaeology 21 25
Ancient Mesoamerica 20 21

American Anthropologist 128 112
Current Anthropology 109 51
Annual Review Anthropology 94 39


Sammy said...

also the number of articles per issue or year can make a huge difference

Keith said...

Is there a way to restrict the time frame to only articles published in the 90s, for example?

Gary said...

Thank you for illustrating this relationship.
Both earlier comments also make excellent points.